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The Best Way To Train Legs

Need to lean out your legs or make certain they don’t get greater?

If you would like leaner legs or to stop them from getting greater there are two things you must do. First, select the best workouts on your physique sort. And, two, assess and regulate commonly.

The strategies I’m going to provide you in this article will apply in case you are someone who has naturally muscular or thick legs and needs to lean them out or doesn’t need them to get greater from training. Whether or not you have already got nicely developed glutes will rely upon how heavy you go together with the glute training workouts I point out. For example, hourglass women typically don’t need to add measurement to their glutes so I often get my hourglass shoppers using barely lighter weights and higher reps to burn fats relatively than construct muscle.

Selecting the best workouts for lean legs

The largest drawback is that the majority ladies don’t know what workouts to do or find out how to put together an effective program. For ages the squat was promoted as the best choice for building glutes.

Don’t get me flawed, the squat is a useful exercise, especially for men. In reality, males build greater legs by growing how much they will squat over time. A lightbulb ought to have gone off right here for you. If males use the squat to build greater legs – what do you assume it’ll do for you?

By following commonplace packages or training with their boyfriends, ladies are missing out on a few of the greatest workouts for shaping their legs and glutes. Squats activate the quads more than hamstrings and glutes. So if you want to raise your glutes and eliminate cellulite from the back of your legs, you’ll want greater than the squat. Your leg day needs to be filled with hip thrusts, glute bridges, again extensions for glutes, kickbacks and workouts that primarily target your back aspect. You in all probability additionally need to train legs extra typically than a guy would.

Nowadays workouts like hip thrusts and glute bridges are rising in popularity – and in case you use these workouts you’re heading in the right direction.

Nevertheless, most girls nonetheless don’t do these workouts heavy sufficient they usually don’t know easy methods to program them. I can’t inform you how typically I see ladies putting lower than 20kg on themselves to do hip thrusts or glute bridges. Anybody who is even remotely fit should have the ability to shortly progress to heavier weights. I’ve shoppers in their 60s who can easily do about 70kg glute bridges.

Under I’ve set out a number of the commonest complains ladies have about their legs and the way I tackle them. Later within the article, I’ve given you an inventory of workouts you need to be doing and some ideas for putting together a more focused, effective training program. Be sure to read the final part about assessing and adjusting because that’s the second step that the majority ladies miss and the rationale they don’t get nice outcomes.


You might have a flat bottom or no backside at all. That is widespread with ladies who are naturally leaner or ladies who choose endurance events or yoga as their primary form of exercise as an alternative of weight coaching. As you might properly know, issues also are likely to sag after we’ve got youngsters and as we grow old.

If in case you have a tough time filling out a pair of jeans, some squats and direct quad coaching will in all probability look great on you. Adding muscle provides you with the form you’re missing.

Nevertheless, to select up your backside, you’ll want more than squats so you’ll want to embrace a spread of the glute building workouts listed at the end of this article. For you, I recommend performing some type of glute training a minimum of two however ideally 3 times every week.

You will have to raise heavy to construct muscle in your bottom. Some ladies worry about muscle making them look massive – but muscle in the appropriate place can make you look superior – like when it perks up your bottom. By heavy, I mean working on progressively lifting heavier weights on key workouts just like the hip thrust and glute bridge. Mild weights and/or high repetitions gained’t get you the outcomes you want.

To offer you an concept, most of my shoppers can raise 40-50kg (85-110lbs) for his or her glute bridges after about 4 to six weeks of coaching (often 4-5 sets of 10 repetitions). After a yr of training, lots of my shoppers are lifting over 100kg. My shoppers aren’t large either – these are women who weigh between 54kg and 63kg (119-138lbs).

In case you are , right here’s a photo of me once I started training and a photo of my legs now. Regardless that it’s onerous to inform in this photograph – you possibly can see how my jeans simply grasp off me and I had no bottom at all!

before and after leg training photo


If “thunder thighs” comes to thoughts whenever you describe your legs, this is perhaps you. No joke. I keep in mind being teased about my thunder thighs as a youngster. My legs weren’t overly massive however they have been muscular as a result of I lived on a pair of skates yr spherical in order that they in all probability have been more muscular than the typical teenager’s legs.

As an grownup, I’ve realized I’ve a mesomorph’s tendency to placed on muscle. If even stroll by the squat rack I can really feel my legs growing.

Not all ladies are going to get huge and hulking from lifting weights, but some ladies do put on muscle more easily and have to be more cautious with the workouts they select.

In case you are a ladies who places on muscle simply or if you have already got huge quads and thighs from the sports activities you do, then squats (and other quad dominant workouts like weighted lunges and leg press) might make your legs look even greater.

Working example. Take a look at my pictures under. Pardon the crappy photograph high quality – once I took these years in the past I by no means planned to share them with anybody. The first photograph was taken about two years after I started training with a trainer, and before I knew what I used to be doing. I had requested my coach to help me construct some “booty” because, as you possibly can see within the earlier pictures, I had none.

For 2 years, he had me doing heavy squats, lunges and leg presses, as well as leg extensions for the quads. You possibly can see how my legs taken care of two years of coaching like that.

Around the time of taking the primary photograph I decided my legs have been too thick and lacked shape, so I changed how I educated legs. I give up squatting and I pretty much give up coaching my legs with weights in any respect apart from glutes and some medium-heavy work for my hamstrings.

The second photograph exhibits how my legs seemed 9 months later. You possibly can see they’ve better shape and definition, particularly around the knee area.

During the last couple of years my thigh measurement has stayed constant, whereas my hip (glute) measurement has elevated by about 3 cm. So it’s solely potential to develop a booty without growing your legs – if you recognize what you’re doing!

You also needs to word that this distinction was achieved with out using an extreme eating regimen. In truth, my energy didn’t change at all. I know there are other packages/blogs on-line displaying more extreme transformations but my packages are about helping you get leaner without unrealistic measures and diets. In any case, you need to have the ability to keep your modifications in the long run!


When you’ve acquired some weight to lose or a genetic predisposition to holding fats in the legs, then that is your largest grievance. Your upper physique may look okay however you tend to hold your additional weight in your legs. Hourglass formed ladies typically fall into this class.

Having a much bigger bottom half and cellulite are each genetic and hormone related. Cellulite shouldn’t be straightforward to eliminate and, for some ladies, it takes years of chipping away at it to see a difference. The right training program is vital however in case you are certainly one of these ladies weight loss plan is particularly essential.

Cellulite is associated with estrogen imbalance. So your plan wants to deal with estrogen via a mixture of cleaning up your food regimen, decreasing your publicity to xenoestrogens, enhancing estrogen elimination (ie. fiber and making sure you’ve got common bowel movements), and probably utilizing some hormone balancing dietary supplements. My shopper pictured under dramatically modified her legs in solely six months by cleansing up her weight-reduction plan, decreasing xenoestrogens and incorporating leg circuits into her program.

Leg fats is basically stubborn and more durable to mobilize than fat from different areas of your body. I like leg circuits for ladies who have to burn fat off the legs because they assist improve blood circulate to that space which helps mobilize fat. Leg circuits are made up of three to 4 workouts achieved with no rest in between. The objective is to really feel these legs burn, burn, burn!

Additionally, some hourglass ladies have already got a sizeable booty in order that they don’t need to grow anymore. In case you are one among these women, you still need workouts like hip thrusts and glute bridges to target your hassle areas but you’ll be able to again off the heavy weights. Give attention to the burn quite than lifting your heaviest all the time.

Cellulite needs plenty of work. You’ll get higher outcomes for those who can practice your backside half a minimum of twice every week, and even better if you will get in a third session for these glutes/hamstrings each week.

Take a look at Ash’s pictures for instance of the standard hourglass. Great higher physique, small waist however only a tendency to carry a bit extra on her hips. Once we created a program for her based mostly on the strategies above, she had implausible results.

before and after photo showing leg transformation

Get Ash’s program right here.

Your Lean Leg Exercise Plan

Keep in mind, everyone is totally different and it’s up to you to assess your progress repeatedly and modify your exercise program. For some ladies, squats are perfectly fantastic and add lovely form to the legs. I exploit squats with my shoppers however for many women, we persist with mild weights and better repetitions, typically using them as a part of a fat burning circuit. I additionally use lunges – however principally reverse lunges as a result of they target the glutes better (and are extra knee-friendly). We additionally don’t use too much weight on lunges and as an alternative give attention to good type and activating the glutes.

In case you are apprehensive about making your legs greater you might need to restrict:

  • Stationary bikes (ie. especially at arduous levels like the ‘mountain climb’ in cycle courses)

To form up your glutes and scale back the appearance of cellulite, incorporate these workouts into your training:

  • Glute bridges or hip thrusts (weighted, single leg or any variation)
  • Hip abduction on a machine
  • Hamstring curls (on a machine or stability ball)
  • Good mornings, pull throughs and sumo deadlifts (extra advanced workouts so work up to these)

Right here’s considered one of my favorite combos for glutes in the meanwhile. Throw this in as a heat up or better yet attempt 10 rounds of it at the finish of a exercise (10 hip thrusts, 10 abductors x 10 occasions). You’ll feel a burn like by no means before!

For greatest results and to make a very visible change, I recommend incorporating glute coaching into your program 3 times every week. I like having one heavy glute day where I concentrate on progressing glute bridges, stiff leg deadlifts and heavy kickbacks, after which later within the week I’ll have one other exercise where I incorporate different workouts like hip thrusts, glute bridge variations, good mornings, and pull throughs. I’ll typically throw in some leg circuits and burpee variations that focus on the legs into fat burning circuits to hit my legs once extra on a cardio day.

Assessing and Making Changes

In the long run, one of the simplest ways to train your legs depends upon your physique sort and your objectives. Stop to assess your legs now and again. If they are wanting too thick, you possibly can pull again on quad dominant and/or weighted workouts. If they need some form, hit the weights more typically. In case you are in your 40s or older, you might discover that it’s a must to improve your periods to 3 occasions per week to vary and keep your form.

I like to recommend using each a combo of pictures and girth measurements (in your hips and thighs). In case you are already pretty lean you then aren’t going to see massive modifications (losses) in your girths but you should use them to be sure to aren’t getting greater from your training. In case you are starting correct glute coaching for the primary time your hip measurement might improve however monitor your thigh measurement to ensure your quads aren’t growing too. Don’t assess to typically – each 8 weeks or so is sufficient. In case you menstruate, one of the best time to evaluate – as a result of it’s often the leanest time of month – will probably be a couple of days after your interval finishes.

View your body as a piece in progress. Strategy it with thoughtfulness – about the place you want form, the place you don’t. That’s a huge facet that’s lacking from most packages and the rationale ladies typically aren’t proud of their results. If you’d like some assist – you’ll want to take a look at my packages and get in touch with me with any questions!

Would you want me to type it out for you?

I’ve put all this information into an 8 week training program that’s all about legs and that doesn’t require excessive weight-reduction plan or weight loss. All of the workouts talked about on this publish are in this system together with tons of directions and videos that will help you do them properly, simpler variations in case you need them and a House and Health club version relying on where you like to coach. I now have an Advanced model of this program obtainable which you’ll love should you’ve been coaching for a while! Test it out and be happy to contact me in case you have any questions!


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